Carry On!

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

When Fiona, Tucker-Grace, and Jack travel, they do it in style!

Carry On

We love that our trio is all over the place and they always travel in style. Including the bags they carry!

These are their latest choices and we're in love. As always.

We are crazy for Fiona's bag from OGIO. Our sources have told us that Fiona loves to be well organized and this bag looks like it's the perfect choice to keep all things within reach while she's hopping around on planes, trains and automobiles.

Our boy Jack is always on his phone, so he likes to keep his hands free and has recently started carrying this backpack every time he travels outside of DC.

It's got plenty of room for his laptop, phone, headphones and more and we're loving the patriotic vibe.

God bless the red, white and blue!

Are we at all surprised that Tucker-Grace would choose to travel with a leather satchel that looks like it's just returned from an epic journey across the country on horseback?

This gorgeous bag just screams wild-west, and we're in love.

No matter your style, there's no reason you can't be organized, mobile and on trend. And if you aren't sure where to start, take some inspiration from our favorite trio and you won't go wrong.

What type of bag do you like to use for your essentials?

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