Episode One Available Sept. 2, 2019

In Washington DC, the only thing more corrupt than the government is high school.

When you’re sixteen, every day is a political campaign. Everyone around me is focused on maintaining the right image, spinning their assets and keeping a lid on scandal. Unless a little scandal helps their image, of course.

The last thing I needed was an actual political campaign, but when my mother is chosen as the current VP’s running mate, we’re in a plane on our way to DC faster than I can kiss my boyfriend Cody goodbye.

In case you’re wondering, Washington DC is nothing like East Texas, which is where I call home.

First there’s the new school. If I thought the kids were image-centric back in Texas, I was wrong. All Saints High is every bit as dangerous and complicated as Capitol Hill, with raging hormones, status-obsessed parents, and underage drinking thrown in for fun.

Then there’s Jack Wright. And his sister Fiona. The VP’s kids, who are way more savvy and refined than I could ever hope to be. A fact gleefully pointed out by the anonymous blogger behind Grassroots.Fashion, the DC fashion and gossip blog that is suddenly tracking my every move. Not to mention every single thing I wear. As if I didn’t have enough to worry about.

The good news? Jack has friends in high places, and he seems to like me. But I’m not sure Cody would approve of Jack’s suggestion that a campaign fling is just what we both need to blow off steam.

The bad news? Fiona hates me. And as Jack’s actions begin to suggest he’s hiding something that could hurt us all, I’m going to need her as an ally.

Front and Center is the first installment in a high-stakes, soap-opera style teen drama set against the backdrop of politics, high school, and family strife. Each episode will leave readers wanting more as the twists and turns keep them guessing. Grab it today!

“Gossip Girl meets The West Wing!” – early reader

You can pre-order your Kindle version now! (p.s.: If you don't have a Kindle, simply download the Kindle app onto your phone for free!)

Episode Two Available: September 23, 2019

Episode Three Available: October 4, 2010

More to follow...

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